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Raw Moonstone Necklace

Raw Moonstone Necklace



24K Gold Filled

Gold Plated Natural Raw Moonstone Pendant (24K Gold Plated)

Choose between 18 or 19 inches long (Pictured in 19 inch chain)

The actual pendant adds another 1 Inch or so.

I have several pendants available, they all have great fire! But if you would like to choose your own, just let me know!

*Pictures taken in different lighting to show the blue fire*

✨June Birthstone✨

Moonstones are not just beautiful,

Moonstones are believed to enhance intuition, balance emotions, promote peace and harmony, enhance confidence and passion, and awaken feminine energy.

Using the energy of the moon, Moonstones are believed to help guide you to your inner path. 🌙


Gold filled items have a significantly thicker layer of gold than gold plated items.

This makes them much more durable and longer lasting!

The better you care for me the longer I’ll last. Avoid contact with chemicals (swimming pools, sea/salt water, perfumes, etc.)

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